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Uncle Dan’s Pawn Shops

Serving the Dallas Area Since 1987!

The founders, Dan Foster and his wife Kim, decided to open their first pawn shop in a small Cedar Hill shopping center in 1987 at Beltline Road and Highway 67.  Trying to establish a name for the shop between the two of them was no easy task.  Dan wanted to name it Uncle Dan’s because he always felt if you ever needed money, who would you most likely go to – your relatives, right?  Kim wanted to name it Pawn on The Hill or Joe Pool Pawn.  Corny, huh?  Well, Dan won that battle – lol!  Thank goodness, because after opening additional stores, could you imagine that name pertaining to their other locations?

After several years in Cedar Hill, the Fosters had outgrown their place and needed more space.  When they could not make a deal with the current landlords, they decided to purchase 1.67 acres behind their existing store on Clark Road.  The Fosters immediately started to build 7,500 sq. ft. on their site.  After six months, they were ready to move into their new beautiful building where they have been since 1992.  Having purchased land, the Fosters began taking in loans on cars, boats, buses, trailers and 18-wheelers.  “And yes,” says Kim, “We were once asked if we would take in a helicopter.  Dan actually did not take it because he did not know anyone that could fly it or test it!”

In 1994, the Fosters purchased a piece of property formerly an Exxon Station across from their nursery, Foster’s Garden Center.  Breaking ground almost immediately, they used their Cedar Hill location as the prototype.  In January 1995, Uncle Dan’s Pawn #2 was established, what we now call the South Dallas location.

The store in Garland was purchased from the previous owners in 2000.  It was established in 1972.  This location was remodeled and the existing building was extended to over 4,000 sq. ft.

Also in 2000, the Fosters purchased another existing location in a small strip center next to the Regal Beagle Night Club.  After one year, outgrowing their space and needing additional parking, a 7,800 sq ft. building at the corner of Greenville and Ross Boulevard was purchased.  But in June 2008, Century Bank acquired this location and the Fosters set their sights on a new location at Mockingbird and Highway 183, now considered the North Dallas location.  There they turned the old former Wolf & Ritz Camera store into a beautiful, modern pawn shop with the help of a designer friend.  This new location features a large diamond shaped chandelier.  Dan and Kim liked the results so much they decided to remodel the remaining three stores in 2009.

In 2010 two additional stores were purchased, one in the city of Mesquite, and one on East Grand Avenue in Dallas.  Both stores have been remodeled to meet the quality standards that you have come to expect from Uncle Dan’s Pawn.  We are very proud of all of our stores and we invite everyone to come in for a visit!


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