Back-to-School Gear: 5 Reasons to Shop Pawn

Back-to-School Gear:

5 Reasons to Shop Pawn for Laptops and Instruments!

PLUS! Save 30% off Laptops and Instruments through Labor Day!

5 Reasons to Shop Pawn

There’s no way around it. The costs of going back-to-school are rising.  And, technology like laptops and tablets as well as musical instruments for band and orchestra are among the most expensive items. Smart families are saving money shopping at Uncle Dan’s Pawn for their kid’s back-to-school gear. Check out our top 5 reasons to shop pawn for back-to-school. #backtoschool, #uncledanspawn, #pawnshopsdeals

#1. Used gear is less expensive.

Many money-saving experts agree that buying used merchandise is a good strategy for all families during back-to-school time and at any time! Instead of splurging on the latest and greatest, buying good quality, gently used technology and musical instruments is the smart play. Also, the cost of going back to school is rising. The amount of money families pay for back-to-school is second only to Christmas!  Due to budget cuts, schools do not have the money for basic supplies and extra-curricular activities like sports and music programs. As a result, parents are asked to contribute more for their students to participate.

Our children are growing up in a digital environment.  Technology usage is an important part of your child’s education. Many elementary and middle schools consider laptops essential educational tools, but cannot afford to provide laptops for the classrooms.  Some schools strongly suggest that parents give children access to computers at home, while other schools flat out ask parents to purchase laptops if at all possible.

#2. As kids and teens grow, their gear needs to match their age and developing skill levels.

The second of 5 reasons to shop pawn for back-to-school is that kids are constantly growing physically and mentally. Why buy new when it will be outgrown in a few years or less?  An inexpensive laptop can be a powerful educational tool for your child.  And, when you shop at Uncle Dan’s, we’ll help you find the right laptop for school work and play.

Your high schooler may be MacBook ready, while your elementary student’s needs are very different. Experts at Tech Radar have compiled a guide to help parents buy the right equipment. For younger children, they suggest smaller, lightweight laptops with sealed or water-resistant keyboards, and durable plastic shells. Several Chromebooks and inexpensive Windows laptops have spill-resistant keyboards. Customizable hard cases are inexpensive and can transform an ordinary cheap laptop into a school-friendly machine that your kids won’t outgrow or destroy in a few months. Whatever you decide, a kid-friendly laptop doesn’t need to break the bank when you shop at Uncle Dan’s!

The same parallel can be made for musical instruments. That outgrown, outdated instrument has served you well, but when it’s time to buy or trade, come to Uncle Dan’s.  Many musicians sell off their gear after a big gig so top-end instruments, keyboards, and accessories are readily available. With seven stores in the Dallas area, it is highly likely that we have what you are looking for!

5 Reasons to Shop Pawn for Your Back-to-School Gear!

Right now, we’re offering all laptops and musical instruments at 30% off!

#3. Kids are accident prone! 

Let’s face it.  Kids break things.  There are the occasional “OOPS!”  drops, and then times items were not stored properly, like running loose inside a backpack or shoved in the locker! When you pay the retail price for a brand new item, it is difficult not to lament the cost of repairs. When you buy or trade at a pawn shop, the sting will still be there, but the dollar loss will be less stress for you and your child. Parents can help children responsibility in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for helpful resources, check out this guide and sample electronics contract from the Institute for Responsible Online and Cell Phone Communication.

Electronic Device Discussion Guide

Sample Family Contract for Electronic Device Use

 #4. Room to alter your course.

We have all been there.  Your child comes home all excited and ready to jump into a new activity full throttle. As the dutiful parent, you proceed to the store to get all the gear for them to participate.  And, all their friends are doing it!  Even with the best intentions within a matter of weeks, your child’s interest is waning.  You might hear something like “practice is boring,” “it’s taking too much time,” or “I’m not very good.”  For whatever reason, when you buy used gear, you have invested less and it’s easier for you and your child to walk away without feeling deflated. You can always sell your gear to recoup some of the money.

#5. Go green! Buying used merchandise reduces waste and is good for the environment.

It can be fairly easy to neglect the environment is our everyday lives. Sometimes convenience gets in the way. We all know that there is a lot more we can do to reduce waste, recycle wherever possible, and conserve energy both in our homes and businesses.  When you buy used products you avoid the heavy packaging that comes with most new products, the energy it took to create and ship those products, and your time and fuel spent trucking from store to store shopping prices. 5 Reasons to Shop Pawn for Back to School Laptops and Instruments

In summary, as parents, you have to make hard decisions about how and where to spend your money on back-to-school gear. We all want the best for our children, but it can be a struggle to balance what they need vs. what they want.

One thing is certain, buying used gear makes good dollar sense! Just like buying a used car, you get a great product for a whole lot less.  And, right now during our 30% Off Back-to-School Sale, you can stretch your hard-earned dollars even further.

Shop at Uncle Dan’s for Your Kid’s Back-to-School Gear!

Save 30% off Laptops and Instruments through Labor Day!

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