Back to School: Book Smart vs. Street Smart

Book Smart or Street Smart?

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Back to School: Book Smart vs. Street Smart! Which is more important?

It’s Back to School time once again! But while we are focused on school learning and book smarts, we may be overlooking other essential life skills like street smarts. Academic education and common sense life lessons are two sides of the same coin. In our consumer-driven society, it is important for children and adults to become literate in both!

Back to school means the return to structured lessons in reading, writing, math, and homework assignments. And, no one can deny the importance of an academic education; however, isn’t the importance of street smarts or common sense reasoning skills just as important?

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In his book, Street Smart Kids: Common Sense for the Real World, author Gordon Myers claims that

“people with street smarts have developed a keen sense of situational awareness that has afforded them a distinct advantage over others as they steer through life’s network of opportunities and obstructions.”

Myers goes on to say that being street smart is more than just personal safety, it provides the foundations for friendships, relationships, health, hygiene, and ultimately financial success.

Street Smart Shopping has become a new buzz word for internet retailers. Some even named websites and couponing lines around it.  At Uncle Dan’s, we have been talking about value pricing and street smart shopping for the past 30 years! A large part of street smart shopping is understanding TV advertising strategies, store retail markups, and how to get the best value for your dollar outside of the traditional retail markets.

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