NBC 5 Responds: Entrupy Authentication Technology

NBC 5 Reports on Entrupy:

New Technology Authenticates Designer Handbags!

As a part of our 30th Anniversary Events in October, Uncle Dan’s is making headlines with Entrupy technology. In short, Entrupy uses microscopic photographs to spot lookalikes and super-fake designer goods.

How to Spot a Super-Fake

The point is you cannot tell a super-fake with your eyes alone.  Super-fakes have authentic looking dyes, leather textures, interior fabrics, and hardware. They often come with verifiable serial numbers and stamps that can fool experts. Many even come with boxes, dust covers, and papers that look completely genuine.

You may not think this is a big deal but think again.  The fakes industry is a $400 billion business and tricks consumers into paying big money for counterfeit, fake goods.  Just like illegal diamonds, super-fakes make their way into popular department stores and resale markets during the shipping process. Now, with Entrupy, fakes have met their match!

How Entrupy Works

For all the sophisticated engineering and algorithms running behind the app, Entrupy is easy to use and provides fast results. The key to a successful scan starts with the handheld camera wand.  The wand connects directly to the Entrupy database that contains millions of images. The app’s artificial intelligence analyzes the photographs to see if an item is fake or genuine.  Entrupy sends the store a Certificate of Authenticity as verification. And, Entrupy is so confident in their app, they offer a money back guarantee.

Entrupy Certificate of Authentication

Entrupy keeps all certified and non-certified handbags in their database. If a Certificate of Authenticity gets lost, it is easy to locate in the store’s app archives. A Certificate of Authenticity is valuable in other circumstances, too such as lost or damaged papers, dust covers, or boxes. Although you should always keep the original box, space limitations create problems for many people. Also, any designer accessory purchases made online or in consignment stores should be authenticated as a precaution. Remember, even the best experts and trained eyes get fooled by super-fakes!

Wayne Carter, NBC 5 Responds Report

Wayne Carter, of NBC 5 Responds was curious to understand if and how Entrupy authentication works.  Although somewhat skeptical at first, after viewing the Entrupy device in action with a certified authentic handbag versus a designer super-fake, Wayne acknowledged how Entrupy can be a valuable tool for consumers in the designer resale market. Thank you, Wayne, for taking time to report on this groundbreaking consumer technology.

Trust and Confidence

Uncle Dan’s purchased the Entrupy system to ensure our customers are buying authenticate goods and to be able to offer the best values for designer goods upon verification. With the Entrupy system, customers that want loans, or want to buy or sell designer goods can trust that Uncle Dan’s only carries Entrupy certified designer goods.

Entrupy is an important addition to our stores’ technology base. Dallas customers can be confident that the designer goods sold in our stores are authentic and backed by a financial guarantee,” says Danielle Foster, Certified Gemologist, Jewelry Specialist and Luxury Handbag Purchaser for Uncle Dan’s. “In the past we had to pass on business because there was a chance the item could be a super-fake. It was a big gamble.  Now with Entrupy, we are able to lend more money and offer more competitive pricing. In the end, it’s about proof you are paying for authentic goods. The Entrupy Certificate of Authentication provides a superior level of trust and confidence for our Associates and customers.

What’s in your closet? If you have designer handbags that you no longer use, sell them or get a cash loan quote today.  With Entrupy, Uncle Dan’s Pawn can offer you more than other pawnshops or consignment stores.  To contact us or ask questions, please use the contact form.

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