Uncle Dan’s 14-Day Interest-Free Advantage!

Special offer for new and returning loan customers!

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New loan customers and returning loan customers* can take advantage of a one-time 14-Day Interest-free Loan up to $500. It’s our way of helping during this difficult time and thanking customers for choosing Uncle Dan’s!

The 14-Day Interest-free Loan has a 14-day term limit. Current retail customers that have never pawned are eligible, too! It is a one-time courtesy, a get-acquainted option for new loan customers that have never pawned, and a comeback offer for loan customers that have not pawned with us for six months or more.

This special loan offer is designed to help those who have more months than money. It is a good option if you need short-term assistance until payday or direct deposits come through.

Please read the following information carefully to avoid any misunderstanding that could result in interest charges. If you are unclear on any details, please use the contact form below or ask the store manager for clarification.

14-Day Interest-free Loan Terms

Day 1. The day you receive your 14-Day Interest-free Loan is day one of 14 days. You will receive an interest-free coupon and a pawn ticket.  Mark your calendar and bring both tickets, plus your full cash repayment, on or before the 14th day.  A 14-Day Interest-free Loan is a one-time offer, non-renewable, and cannot be extended.

Day 14. When you bring your interest-free coupon, pawn ticket, and cash repayment, you will pick up your collateral and pay zero interest or service charges! It’s that easy! Read what one customer shared on Yelp!

Day 15. If you cannot repay your loan on or before the 14th day, you forfeit your interest-free loan coupon. You will not lose your collateral; however, your loan automatically reverts to a 30-day loan. Unpaid interest for days 1 – 14 is automatically added to your loan balance. You can repay your loan and pick your collateral at any time, but expect interest to be added to your balance.

Additional Information and Requirements*

  • Interest-free loans up to $500 one-time only per customer.
  • No collateral restrictions! The most common collateral items are jewelry, electronics, and firearms.
  • New loan customers (no previous loan history with us) are eligible for a one-time 14-Day Interest-free Loan.
  • Returning loan customers (no loans with us for six months or more) are eligible for a one-time 14-Day Interest-free Loan.
  • Retail sales customers with no previous loan history are included and eligible!
  • Customers must keep an email address or cell phone number on file for loan notifications.
  • Loans must be repaid in cash on or before the 14th day.
  • Please remember to bring your pawn ticket and interest-free coupon.
  • Please allow 24 hours to pass before redeeming your item(s).

The Best Loan Offer in Dallas!

No other lender in Dallas offers interest-free loans, but Uncle Dan’s can! Call or come by one of our nine locations today!

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