Our 14-Day Interest-Free Advantage!

New Customer Special Offer


New customers can take advantage of a special, one time 14-Day Interest-free Loan offer.  It’s a great way to get acquainted and our way of saying “Thank You” for choosing Uncle Dan’s Pawn.

New customers can borrow money up to 14 days totally free. That’s zero interest! Zip! Nada! And, just about any item of value can be pledged as collateral.  Some of the most common are gold, jewelry, or electronics. *

Please read the following requirements carefully to avoid any misunderstanding that could result in unforeseen charges.  Be sure to ask a Store Associate if you are unsure.

The day you receive cash in hand for your collateral is day 1 of your loan.  You will be given an Interest-Free Coupon and a Pawn Ticket.  You must bring both of these tickets as well as a total cash repayment on or before the 14th day.  Your pawn ticket will clearly show the date you must repay your loan and reclaim your collateral. The 14-Day Interest-free Loan is a one time offer.  It may not be renewed or rolled over into a new loan. To receive the full interest-free benefit, you must repay the loan by the 14th day.

If you are not able to repay your balance on or before the 14th day, you will forfeit your 14-Day Interest-Free Coupon and the loan will automatically revert to a regular pawn loan.  This means that on day 15, you will now owe back interest on days 1 – 14 and continue to accrue daily interest charges until your loan is repaid in full.

The Best Loan Offer in Dallas!

For new customers that could use a short-term loan until payday, there’s no better offer. Where else can you borrow money for free?  No other lender in Dallas will do that, but Uncle Dan’s can!

*Additional Information and Requirements

Please note the following special conditions and requirements:

  • Join Uncle Dan’s VIP Program and begin receiving special benefits and discounts! You may unsubscribe at any time using the email link.
  • Have an active email address or cell phone number on file
  • Repay your loan with cash
  • Bring your Pawn Ticket and Interest Free Coupon!
  • Allow 24 hours to pass before redeeming your item(s)
  • Collateral Restrictions: No firearms or any items with wheels such as lawn mowers, motorcycles, and cars.

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