Presidents Day Clearance Markdowns!


To Save on New Clearance Markdowns!

Save 50 – 75% on Our President’s Day Deals!

Uncle Dan's Pawn Shops - President's Day Clearance Sale

Uncle Dan and Uncle Sam got together to make you a great deal for President’s Day! WE WANT YOU to save money and get a great deal! Shop our President’s Day Clearance Markdowns in all six stores and save 50-75% off! Our Clearance section is good, quality merchandise that has been in our inventory too long.  So, our loss is your gain!  And when Uncle Dan says, “it’s gotta go” you know the items are marked at clearance prices and you are getting the lowest possible price. That makes a great President’s Day Deal!

Uncle Dan's Pawn Shops - Get the most out of your tax refund with our President's Day Clearance Sale

Make Your Tax Refund Count

Buy more with your tax refund at Uncle Dan’s Pawn and Uncle Dan’s Outlet! You have worked hard for your tax refund. Actually, you have worked double!  Once to earn it, then again to file the paperwork to get your money back!  Why not reward yourself and your family with a new computer, laptop or flatscreen TV?  Maybe a new cell phone or tablet would make staying connected with friends and family simpler.  Consider buying your unassuming partner a special piece of jewelry.

S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Dollar  

Whatever your plans, be sure to stop in at your neighborhood Uncle Dan’s Pawn or our newest discount retail outlet, Uncle Dan’s Outlet.  At Uncle Dan’s, we will help you s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars so you can always buy more for your money. In addition to the great deals you find at our pawn shops, stop in and check out Uncle Dan’s Outlet. Our discount Outlet Store carries new, returned, overstock, and seasonal name brands products for a fraction of their original prices.  That’s a great way to stretch your dollar on President’s Day and every day!

 Shop our New Clearance Markdowns on President’s Day!

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