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Loans from $100 – $15,000

Whether you live on a fixed income, have unexpected medical bills, or are a single parent, it’s tough when the money runs out and there are bills left to pay. But who can help when you’re in a jam? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a rich relative or friend to help out in times like these?

Uncle Dan’s Can! 

When other places tell you “No,” we say “Yes!”  A pawn loan or collateral loan is a safe way to borrow money and get cash fast! Getting a pawn loan is quick and easy! Bring in any items of value, and we will loan you cash!  

With pawn loans, you don’t have to sell your gold, family heirlooms, or valuables. The items are returned to you when your loan balance is paid.  This leaves you with a valuable asset to use as collateral again in the future!  Whether you need $100 to help you get by until your next paycheck or $15,000 – Uncle Dan’s can get you to cash fast!  Look around your house and pledge your items of value for the cash you need today! 

For high-value loans, call the Manager at Uncle Dan’s store near you or contact us directly. We value your privacy and can arrange a meeting with our General Manager or Fine Jewelry Specialist. 

Safe and Reliable 

Pawnbrokers are one of the most highly-regulated loan agencies in Texas. Pawn interest rates are set by the Texas legislature and governed by the Texas Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner. Unlike banks, title loan companies, and payday lenders, your loan is based on your collateral, not your credit score. 

When you pawn an item with Uncle Dan’s, your merchandise is stored in a secured area until your loan balance is paid. You may come in at any time during the loan period to pay the loan balance and pick up your merchandise without penalty.  

Loan Renewals

If you cannot repay your pawn loan on the due date, you may ask for a renewal. With a renewal, you pay the interest accrued on your loan, and we assign a new loan number with a new due date. You may also pay on your principle to lower your loan balance.  If you choose, you may surrender your collateral at any time without penalty. 

Uncle Dan’s 14-Day Interest-Free Advantage

If you need a short-term loan, you make be eligible for a one-time 14-Day Interest-Free Loan!  You can borrow up to $500 on most items for up to 14 days and pay zero interest! 

 To find out more about pawn loans, check out this information.

“Solid Gold Pawn Facts” Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

Interest Rate Chart for Pawn Loans, Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

Buy – Sell – Trade – Layaway

Serving North Texas for Over 25 Years!

We are one of the largest locally owned pawn businesses in the Dallas Metro Area, with six locations to serve you!  We treat our friends and customers like extended family.  Our business is dedicated to improving the lives of our employees and customers through fair and honest business practices. Our company’s foundation is our good name built by providing great customer service and being good business partners in the communities we serve.

At Uncle Dan’s, we know the value of a dollar! We will work hard to bring you the best values for your hard-earned dollars!  Whether buying, selling, trading or lying away, trust Uncle Dan’s to give you the best bang for your buck! Read our story!

NEW! We Buy Gift Cards! 

If you have Unused Gift Cards or Merchandise Credits, why not sell them? Uncle Dan’s will pay you cash! It’s quick and easy! Bring your cards and register receipts to the nearest Uncle Dan’s, and we will pay you cash! Find out more! 

Purchase with Confidence!

Our merchandise is as diverse as the Texas weather! While our merchandise is constantly changing, our commitment to value never changes!  You can shop with confidence at Uncle Dan’s! With the help of local experts and specially trained associates, we thoroughly weigh,  grade, and test our jewelry and inspect and test all of our electronics.  Any flaws or defects in merchandise are clearly noted on the item tag and invoice.  Uncle Dan stands behind the merchandise we sell!  To list the types of products we buy and sell at Uncle Dan’s, visit  Products and our eBay Store.

Looking for a specific item? With six locations,
we can check our inventory in each store!
Email us from our Contact page!

Sell With Confidence!  15 Minutes to Your Best Value!

Our Sales and Loan Associates will work hard to give you the best value possible for your merchandise or pawn loan, whether selling or pawning.  We call the value of the item you would like to sell or pawn its current appraised value.  (Read more about Current Appraised Value below).

For appraising jewelry, we use the following tests to help us find the current value of your merchandise.  Any purchase receipts or appraisals you have will help you get the best value.  The market for precious metals fluctuates and changes daily.  We monitor and post price quotes through KITCO.

  •  Acid Assay Test

To determine the purity of base metals or settings and ensure there are no false readings to detract from your appraised value.

  •  Inspect Stones with Jeweler’s Loupe

To measure the Carat or overall size; the Cut or depth and proportion (the better the Cut – the better the sparkle!); the Clarity or how many imperfections or flaws (specs of carbon) are present; and the Color – whiter is more desirable. 

  • Weighing the Item on a Digital Jeweler’s Scale

Items are accurately weighed on professional scales. Gold is measured in Pennyweight or DWT.  Platinum and Silver are measured in Troy Weight.

Current Appraised Value!

Our stores use an internal pricing program and online research tools that help us determine your item(s) current appraised value.  Our systems give us an average retail price for the item when it was new and help us price your item according to its age and current condition. After our online research and visual inspection is complete, we will make you an offer! In most cases, this appraisal will take 15 minutes or less!

As you might expect, some items hold their overall value better than other items!  Designer watches and jewelry like Rolex, Tiffany, and Gucci will always have high demand in the resale market.  Fine jewelry containing diamonds or other precious gemstones set in gold, silver, or platinum usually holds their value better than some types of electronics.  For example, today’s smartphone that you paid $500 for only months ago may only be worth much less in its previously owned, current condition! As newer models are released, the value of the model you purchased will go down.  This same is true of iPads, computers, and most electronics.

Key Factors That Affect the Current Appraised Value!

  • Overall Appearance

Visual inspection for scratches, dents, or other blemishes on finishes

  • Age of the Item

Newer (1 year or less) to older (7+ years) or vintage

  • Overall Working Condition

Excellent, good, fair, or poor

  • The popularity of the Specific Item Make and Model.

Sales volume when introduced (highly sought after, average to low sales volume, poor sales performance, etc.)

  •  Number of the Same/Similar Items Available in Marketplace

Common or rare

  • Operation Manuals, Remotes, and Accessories Intact

Having all the original accessories and paperwork will increase the value!

Trade with Confidence!

Let’s face it; not all sentimental items have happy memories! Do you have old wedding rings or other jewelry that you no longer wear? Why not trade in those undesirables memories for a new piece of jewelry?

Perhaps you own valuable jewelry that is outdated or antique jewelry that was passed down and just sat idly in a jewelry box.  That’s sad!  Jewelry should please us and show our own styles and personalities!

Whatever your personal reasons, bring in your “undesirables” and start fresh!

Easy Layaway Plan!

Short on cash for that great deal?  Not only are our everyday prices below wholesale, but we will also let you put any item on layaway and pay it out over time.  There are no interest charges or hidden fees!  You can layaway with as little as 10% down and take up to 10 months to pay!


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