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Uncle Dan’s Pawn is on the cutting edge of the pawn industry. Through our partnership with a national consulting firm, we have positioned ourselves as market leaders in our service areas. 

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Uncle Dan’s Pawn Shops – Customer Comments and Reviews!

Uncle Dan’s Pawn Shops

Customer Comments and Reviews!

We love our customers! We will work hard to earn and keep your business! We want all of our customers to be treated like friends and family!  That’s why your feedback is very important to us! We like to know when we are meeting our customer’s needs and how we can improve in the future.  

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with A+ Customer Service!  If you DON’T have an A+ experience, we definitely want to hear about it !  This gives us a chance to make it right – and – oftentimes this can be the best learning experience for our team members.  If you are new to the Uncle Dan’s family, please take a minute to read the reviews and comments from our customers. You can also use this link to add your own comments!

5 Star Reviews for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – Cedar Hill

From Gwen on January 31, 2014
“If I need cash fast or I’m looking for the best deal on used electronics. I always go to my good friends at Uncle Dan’s in Cedar Hill. They have awesome customer service and a warm and friendly atmosphere. I would recommend uncle Dan’s to all my friends.”

From Joshua on February 4, 2014
“Ok, so I’ve never been a huge pawn shop guy, but after coming here I feel like a Pawn Star (pawn intended). These guys have awesome customer service and the best deals on electronics. I came here looking for a used starter guitar. They were more than helpful to me being the novice pawn shopper I am. Not to mention they are extremely personable. Thanks guys, I never thought I could have fun while I pawn.”

From Anthony on February 8, 2014
“Uncle Dan’s Pawn Cedar Hill was a great 1st time experience for me , I didn’t know what to expect since pawn shops have a bad rep of cheating customers. Man I was wrong! I felt like they really wanted to help me and they did. I cannot say enough good things about the store manager Brenda! I feel like she went above and beyond making me feel important and that my business really mattered to her. Thank you Brenda and thank you Uncle Dan’s!  I will return and I will tell my friends and family about you guys! Thanks!!!”

5 Star Reviews for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – North Dallas

From Lauren on January 25, 2014
“OK, I am not one to write reviews, but in this case, I had to write something. Now, let me ask you a question? Where can you go and get an interest free loan? OK, maybe a friend or family member, but if you are like me, the pickings are slim. 

If you need financial assistance, I highly recommend Uncle Dan’s Pawn and Loan. I got an interest free loan for $100.00 on a item and when I went to pick it up 12 days later, that is all I had to pay $100.00. Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t ran into any free rides lately, but Uncle Dan’s just gave me one. Think about it. This man did not receive one penny for helping me. 

I thank him for caring about people……….It shows!

P.S. The interest free loan is good for 14 days so if you pick your item up within the 14 days, the loan is 100% interest free.”

From Floyd on February 8, 2014
“I have bought and pawned at Uncle Dan’s on numerous occasions.  The employees have been helpful and professional in meeting my personal needs.”

5 Star Review for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – South Dallas

From M.J. on March 8, 2014
“I have been trading at several of the Uncle Dan’s for many years now and have always had great luck on finding and getting deals. ( buying or selling )
Their stores are clean, well stocked, the staff has always been attentive and helpful and I never have to wait for more than a few minutes if at all to see someone.  If they have product that is not moving, Dan’s marks it down until it does. I have bought many items from lawn mowers, jewelry, power tools, guns and electronics and got unbelievable deals.  The best part is they have always been willing to work with me on price whether it was buying or selling. They also offer some short term interest free deals.  I guess you can’t make everyone happy, but I can’t say I have ever had a bad experience at any of the Uncle Dan’s stores that I have done business with.  I have met the owner of the stores several times and he has always gone out of his way to make sure I left there feeling good about a deal or at least a better understanding as to why they could or could not meet my expectations on something.  Unlike some of the other stores in town that have set prices for what they can buy or sell things for. Dan’s give their managers the freedom to make deals that will benefit both parties. They are privately owned instead of being part of a large corporation, which in my opinion gives them more flexibility to make better deals.”

5 Star Review for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – East Dallas

From Terri B. on January 31, 2014
“Love Uncle Dan’s pawn shops! I have been many times.. they have a lot to choose from…the staff is very polite, knowledgeable and considerate.  The manager is very easy to talk to. He explains things to the customers and respects our opinions and views. He is very honest and always busy trying to satisfy others. I will never go to another pawn shop…Uncle Dan’s is my place to shop!

5 Star Review for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – Garland

From Charles on February 2, 2014
“Visited Uncle Dan’s  for the first time, great prices on TV’s & other merchandise. Great Customer Service. Would recommend for tools, too.”

5 Star Reviews for Uncle Dan’s Pawn – Mesquite

From Marilyn on February 2, 2014
“The most cleanest and organized pawnshop I have ever been to. They have a wide range of merchandise to choose from. I went in to get a loan on my jewelry and I can tell you I was not disappointed I actually got more than I was expecting.  The staff was very friendly and helpful and even though the manager seemed busy he was attentive of each customer that walked in he even took the time to explain how my loan worked he also told me about the 14-days interest free pickup! I highly recommend anyone to shop or pawn at Uncle Dans. Highly satisfied customer!”

From Charles R. on February 2, 2014
“Went to their Garland Location and they didn’t have what I was looking for. They called and referred me to their Mesquite Location. They had the TV I was looking for. They also had lots of great collectible items at this location. Was very pleased with Uncle Dan’s staff referral. Fast friendly service!”









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