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At some point, almost everyone has felt a money crunch.  Whether you are living on a fixed income, have unexpected medical bills, or car repairs, it’s really hard when the money runs out and there are bills left to pay. In times like these, wouldn’t it be nice to have a rich relative or friend to help out when you’re in a jam?  Well, now you do!

Who Can Help When You’re in a Jam? Uncle Dan Can!
With No Credit Checks and No Hassles!

There’s no need to fill out lengthy forms at a bank or credit union, put up your car title, or sell treasured family heirlooms!   A pawn loan, or collateral loan, is a safe way to borrow money and get the cash you need fast! There’s never any credit checks and no hassles!  And, getting a pawn loan is quick and easy! Just look around your house!  You probably have several items of value sitting in a drawer, a jewelry box or in the garage that you can use as collateral.  Common household valuables to pawn include gold and diamond jewelry, silver jewelry, watches, cameras, televisions, stereos, laptops and tablets, musical instruments, tools, industrial equipment, and firearms – anything of value around the house! One of our friendly Sales and Loan Associates will work with you to get you the cash you need.   And, we don’t stop there!   Not only will we give you cash on the spot, we can offer you a short-term 14-Day INTEREST FREE Loan on most items.  Read more about 14-Day Interest Free Loans

Locally Owned – Experienced – Licensed  

Uncle Dan’s is locally owned and we’ve been in business over 25 years!  We are proud to live and work in the communities we serve.  We have built our business on  trust and the golden rule.  Neighbor helping neighbor.  We want our customers – our neighbors to be treated right.   The decisions we make are good for our customers and good for us.  We don’t have to worry about big corporate policies or unnecessary interference in our business!  

The state of  Texas has regulated the pawn industry for decades and Uncle Dan’s is a licensed and registered Pawn Broker with an excellent rating. Our lending practices are governed by the Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner, or the OCCC.  Just like a bank, we strictly follow federal laws such as the Truth in Lending Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.  But unlike the other guys, we won’t hassle you with credit checks or a truck load of legal forms! It takes about 15 minutes to get a loan at Uncle Dan’s!

Safe and Secure

When you get a loan at Uncle Dan’s, your items and their condition are carefully documented and photographed. They are thoroughly wrapped and stored  in our vault or secured warehouse for safekeeping.  When your loan balance is paid, your items are returned to you in their original condition.  You may come in at any time during the loan period to pay the loan balance and pick up your merchandise without penalty.  This allows you to keep ownership of your  valuables  and leaves you with an asset to use as collateral again in the future should you need it!  Whether you need $100 to help you get by until your next pay check or $15,000 – Uncle Dan’s can get you the cash you need!

For loans over $5,000 call the Manager at the Uncle Dan’s store near you or contact us directly through the Contact Us form on our website.  We can arrange for you to speak privately with our owner. We loan money on cars, boats, semi’s, airplanes, jewelry, antiques, and collectibles.  We understand your need for confidentiality and will work with you privately.

Loan Renewals

If you are not able to re-pay your pawn loan in full on its due date, you may ask for a renewal.  With a renewal, you pay the interest that has accrued on your loan and a new loan is written.  The principal amount of the loan remains the same, as does the interest rate, but the due date is reset for a new full loan term. For some loans, like those over $1,000, you may be asked to pay your interest and also pay down on your loan principle before a new loan is written.  This could result in a different interest rate as well.  (See the Interest Rate Chart below)  Also, you may elect to pay down your principle and lower your loan balance.   You may also choose to surrender your collateral at any time without  penalty.  This is not reported to credit agencies and does not hurt your ability to get a loan with us in the future.

Building Relationships – Repeat Customers

Our company’s goal is to help people.  People just like you!  Whether you need a loan or a great deal on name brand merchandise, we want you to check with Uncle Dan’s first!  The majority of our customers, over 80%, re-pay their loans and pick up their items to use again when the need arises.  That number is significantly higher than the industry standard.  We’re proud of that.  So, there’s no reason to pay bank service charges or head off to a big box store when you can get fast, friendly loans and name brand merchandise at below wholesale prices  at Uncle Dan’s. We give you ALL of that AND great customer service!

The highest form of success for any business is measured by it’s repeat customer business.  At Uncle Dan’s, we’re proud to serve our customers and even prouder when they return.  Call or come by one of our six locations and meet our team members today!

 To find out more about pawn loans:
Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner
Interest Rate Chart for Pawn Loans, Office of the Consumer Credit Commissioner

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