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Save money like a pro:  Your best values are here!

If you like to save money and go on the hunt for unbelievable values, most likely, you have used a shopping app to connect with individual sellers in your area. You may enjoy spending time on your favorite social shopping network or online auction sites like eBay. But, if you haven’t visited our pawn shops or outlet store lately, you are missing out on one of the best places to save money! And now, our newest online shopping site makes saving money easier than ever before!

Shop Our New Online Store, and Download MobilePawn

Today, most of us shop on the go from our phones or tablets. Shop and save with our new online store,, and our multi-purpose app, MobilePawn! MobilePawn is a free app available for iOS and Androids and makes it easy to search items for sale by category or by store. With MobilePawn, you can also make layaway payments, extend loan payment dates, and get offers on things you want to sell or pawn. Download the app and contact the store nearest you for your MobilePawn activation code!

ave money like a pro:  Get your best values here

At Uncle Dan’s, our pawnshops and online shopping store offer many advantages over other online shopping sites and apps. We have done all of the heavy lifting for you!

When you shop at Uncle Dan’s, you can:

  • See all of our inventory online! Instead of calling or going from store to store, you can shop inventory at all eight pawn shops, plus our Outlet store in one place.
  • See it before you buy it! Each online listing shows the item’s physical store location with a map. This way you can see it before you buy it if you choose.
  • Shop with confidence! All of our merchandise has been inspected and tested before placing it for sale. Our Warranty Program offers you added protection!
  • Get your best value! Our online estimator cross-references multiple listings of the same and similar items. The estimator ensures you are getting competitive market prices and your best values.
  • Make an Offer! You can submit an offer online and negotiate a better price just like other online auction sites.
  • Ship it or pick it up at the store! With convenient locations throughout the Dallas area, our stores are easily accessible. When you need an item right away, you have the option to pick-it-up in the store instead of waiting for shipping.
  • Checkout securely online through with PayPal! PayPal is known worldwide as one of the most secure payment processors. With PayPal checkout, you don’t need a PayPal account. You can connect your PayPal account or use your debit card or credit card.
  • Avoid personal injury and scammers! If you watch the news, a significant downside of buying from individuals is the possibility of being injured or robbed. You will not have these worries when you buy from a business. Plus, when you purchase from Uncle Dan’s, your merchandise has passed a series of law enforcement protections, too. We report purchases from individuals to the Dallas Police Department through LeadsOnline, a national theft reporting database. This system spots and removes stolen merchandise from our system. Other resale shopping sites, personal shopping apps, and consignment stores do not report or offer this added protection.

Ready to save money like a Pro?
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Your best values are at Uncle Dan’s Pawn Shops!

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